The Schneider Process

Choosing Your Future

You have a choice. You cannot afford to go backwards. When the next Recession or Financial Crisis hits, which type of a portfolio do you want:  A "Low Risk, Low Volatility, Peace of Mind" portfolio OR a "I lost about 40%, but I'll wait and see if it will come back" portfolio?  Choosing Schneider Wealth Management means taking the first step down the road to a secure financial future.

Personalized Success Plan

The Schneider team will formulate an individual approach for the best strategy to best protect, grow and manage your distinct finances. Whether it's helping you manage your assets, retirement accounts, Social Security income, tax liabilities, lawyers, or more, you'll have the personalized support you need for personalized Low Risk, Low Volatility, Success.

Money Management System

Schneider Wealth Management provides an Individualized Money Management System unique from other firms. We are not product driven.

Through the Schneider Individualized system we'll show you how to be prepared in difficult times and opportunistic in good times. You cannot have a safe and secure future without understanding and managing your risk.

The Schneider Money Management System assesses your overall goals and designs an individualized plan to minimize risk and maximize portfolio gains. We specialize in creating low risk, low volatility, peace of mind portfolios that we stand behind.

Gain and Retain

Schneider Wealth Management's goal is to gain and retain your wealth, both in the accumulation and distribution stages of wealth planning.

In our experience, conservative wealth management is only way to combat this new financial market of volatility and provide the Low Risk, Low Volatility, Peace of Mind solutions that you deserve. This proactive, strategic outlook, which is often ignored and dismissed by other firms, provides the foundation for our success and the success of our client's futures.

Questions? Todd Schneider is a fiduciary and a Master Elite Advisor with Ed Slott and Company. Call 817-482-1800 DFW or click here to schedule a no obligation initial consultation.

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