Todd A. SchneiderMBA in Finance

Todd A. Schneider
MBA in Finance

CEO | Founder | Senior Advisor & Planner

In 2002, combining his passion for helping others with his knowledge in financial planning, Todd opened Schneider Wealth Management, LLC.

Todd specializes in designing a holistic and sound retirement wealth management system tailored to clients’ specific needs. This process also provides asset protection from market volatility, minimizes tax liability, maximizes lifetime social security, creates more dependable retirement income, minimizes your cost of insurance without increasing your liability, reduces your lending costs and maximizes multi-generational wealth transfer for clients. Most importantly, Todd’s personal attention to all clients aims to help them successfully navigate their financial journey.

Todd uses his expertise to help retirees preserve their assets and increase their income. Todd's holistic approach to upholding a "gain and retain" philosophy has enabled Todd to help protect and preserve the retirement assets of hundreds of clients throughout the United States.

Upon completion of Todd’s undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University, he was fast-tracked through management at Zale Corporation. He obtained his MBA in Finance in 2002 from the University of Texas at Arlington, with distinguished honors. Todd believes it is not enough to merely place your wealth in sound investments, but to constantly monitor his clients' wealth management system & investments.

Todd has also earned his SEC Series 65 - Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination (Licensed Fiduciary), as well as his Life and Health Insurance Licenses. As a true teacher by nature, Todd is an Affiliated Instructor with Financial Educators Network through Carroll High School. Todd is an active member of:

The National Ethics Association: The National Ethics Association (NEA) has helped business professionals build their businesses on a foundation of trust, ethics and best practices. NEA is also devoted to aiding consumers with the increasingly complex task of conducting due diligence on business professionals. This results in greater peace of mind for skeptical consumers and also rewards those worthy of their trust.

In the National media, Todd has been published and appeared in articles from the Wall Street Journal, MoneyNews, The Suit Magazine, FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC news sites.

Todd grew up in Omaha, Nebraska & Fort Worth, Texas. He currently resides in Southlake, Texas with his wife of 25 years, two wonderful daughters and two lovable Bolognese puppies. Todd is very proud to run a family business and have the privilege to work with Laurie, Maddie and Caroline.

When Todd & Laurie aren’t working, they enjoy sports, projects toegther, volunteering, running various charity events, exploring different areas of the US and traveling the world. With two daughters at the University of Arkansas, their time is also spent either traveling to Fayetteville to visit them or enjoying time with them when they come home. They have a lot of joys in their life!